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We Are : New Stories on Immigration

  1. Note #1

    Yes, my parents immigrated here, after walking more than 1700 kms, to flee dictature and to end up being exploited.

  2. Note # 2

    A Baby

  3. Note # 3

  4. Note #4

    My uncle lives in Recife, Brazil. He has three nationalities and speaks five languages. But it also means that my father (his brot…

  5. Note # 5

    Blood 50% El Salvador - Mum 33% Italian (Grandma 50%, Grandad 100%) (I am really bad at maths)

  6. Note #6

    My Mum came from Vietnam. I don't speak the language but I love the food. Good enough!

  7. Note #7

    Mix Auvergnat/Algerian. Hurrah for social melting-pot.

  8. Note #8

    Thanks to my dad, who is an army medical officer, I have travelled a lot. Thank you to him. Thank you to you.