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1 x Tab Breakfast: New Stories from The Tabernacle

In New Stories from the Tabernacle artists Alexia Villard and Emma Mudgway explore the value of community by presenting a new archive constructed from their experiences as servers at The Tabernacle.

Visitors to the Tabernacle are diverse and many of the customers are local people attending various events in the building. They wait for their children to attend ballet lessons in the dance studio, they attend community meetings, they play in the resident steel pan band, they come to box fit classes, or pop in for takeaway chicken wings. The building has a unique history and holds a very special position in the Notting Hill community.

Emma’s drawings are maps of some of her most memorable interactions with customers and staff, and are constructed from architectural plans of the building.

Alexia has been collecting different papers from the Tabernacle: kitchen and bar tickets, torn notepads, forgotten notes, etc ... The final series introduces an editing of the collected papers with texts and photographs, narrating various stories and habits about the building's regulars and staff members.

The exhibition was held at The Taberncale Gallery, London, UK. in May 2015.

  1. Confrontations, times I was afraid or cried, and when I wished I would have acted differently © Emma Mudgway

  2. Customer # 1 © Alexia Villard

  3. Waiter # 1 © Alexia Villard

  4. Dialog # 1 © Alexia Villard

  5. © Emma Mudgway

  6. © Alexia Villard

  7. © Emma Mudgway